Friday, March 7, 2008

Breaking up is so hard to do

OMG! What was she thinking?.........Oh wait. She wasn't.
Many, many years ago as a wee lad of 18, I worked as a ramp-serviceman for now defunct Eastern Airlines. After loading a plane of passengers at Detroit Metro Airport the plane pulled away from the gate and then stopped. A bomb threat had been received. The passengers were let off and I and a couple of other, young single men, were "volunteered" to re-enter the luggage compartments and unload the luggage we had just recently put in the plane, for inspection.
What a huge delay and mess that made and it turned out to be a hoax.
Had I been asked then what I thought about 2 years for calling in a phony bomb threat I would not have said 2 years.

Woman gets 2 years for airline bomb hoax
By Colin McDonald Express-News

A New Mexico woman this week was sentenced to two years in federal prison for repeatedly calling in a bomb threat to the San Antonio International Airport.

April Wormly of Hobbs, N.M., called the airport 36 times on April 21 to say there were explosives aboard a Southwest Airlines flight from San Antonio to Dallas, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Five of the phone calls were recorded and Wormly, 36, admitted in a signed statement that she made the telephone calls even though she knew there was no bomb aboard the plane, according to a news release. She stated she made the calls in an effort to end a relationship with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, who was a passenger on the flight. Wormly said she believed he would leave her alone once he learned about the bomb hoax, the release said.

Because of her calls, 120 passengers were delayed and Southwest Airlines lost more than $19,000, which Wormly has been ordered to pay. No bomb was found.

The case was investigated by the FBI and the San Antonio Police Department.