Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fat free?

Holy Smokes, I'm going back on my diet.

What a novel way to get to stay out of jail, I guess.

How about trying not to kill anyone?

What are they going to do for the trial? Where will they keep her if she's found guilty? What if she's given the death penalty? So many questions.

1,000-pound woman is charged in tot's death
Lynn Brezosky: Rio Grande Valley Bureau

EDINBURG — A morbidly obese and bedridden La Joya woman was arrested and charged Tuesday with striking deadly blows to the head and upper body of her 2-year-old nephew.
Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino said officials were forced to book Mayra Lizbeth Rosales, 27, on a capital murder charge at her home and set a personal recognizance bond because they could not move or jail her. He said she reportedly weighs 1,000 pounds.

The child's mother, 31-year-old Jamie Lee Rosales, was arraigned on a felony charge of injury to a child and jailed, with bond set at $50,000. Trevino said she had violated a state order not to leave her children in Mayra Rosales' care.

Initial reports that Mayra Rosales fell and accidentally crushed Eliseo Gonzalez Jr. were incorrect, Trevino said.

"Eliseo's fatal injuries were the result of at least two blows," Trevino said. "It could not have been a crushing or compression injury."

It was unclear Wednesday whether either sister had an attorney. Jamie Lee Rosales was arraigned alone and in jail clothing. She said in Spanish that she had no response to the charge and was walked quickly past reporters.

The arrests followed a week of investigation into the toddler's death. Investigators were called to the hospital March 18 after Eliseo arrived in a coma. He was taken off life support two days later.
Mayra Rosales told investigators that while trying to pick Eliseo up, she had slipped and landed with her hand on his head. She said he was further injured when he fell off a chair.
Autopsy results showed a different story, Trevino said, as did objects seized in a search of the home.

The child had multiple skull fractures and large contusions on his forehead, upper back, and lower back of the head. In addition, there was a head fracture determined to be a month old.
"The injuries are consistent with being struck rather than crushed," he said.

Trevino said Mayra Rosales was bedridden by her obesity and had therefore been deemed unable to care for a child.

Last April, Jamie Lee Rosales signed a Child Protective Services safety plan directing her not to leave her children alone with Mayra. She told investigators she had taken her other two children to the dentist that morning.

Trevino said the appointment was a non-emergency. Mayra Rosales' husband also lives at the home but she and Eliseo were alone when the incident occurred, Trevino said.

Trevino had no motive for the alleged blows, but said Eliseo had been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and was known to be "extremely active."

Asked how a bedridden woman could inflict such blows, Trevino said her disability did not mean she was immobile and that she moved about by sliding herself on the bedsheets.

As for the home arraignment and the judge's decision to grant a personal recognizance bond, Trevino said there was no choice.

"We would have to remove the walls," he said. "And then what? We have no way to move her, no cell to fit her."