Sunday, January 6, 2008

Let the covering-up begin

Hmm? Say what?

How about the failure of our government's security and Bhutto share responsibility for her death? Try saying that, it is probably closer to the truth. She went in harm's way because she was courageous and knew, on some level the possibility that this would happen, however, the government should have taken better security precautions and my guess is that they are covering up how lax it probably was.

Musharraf: Bhutto bears responsibility for death
By Randall Mikkelsen

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf conceded that a gunman may have shot Benazir Bhutto but said the opposition leader exposed herself to danger and bore responsibility for her death, CBS News said on Saturday.

Musharraf was also quoted as telling the CBS "60 Minutes" program to be broadcast on Sunday that his government did everything it could to provide security for Bhutto, who was killed last week in a gun and suicide-bomb attack after a political rally.

"For standing up outside the car, I think it was she to blame alone. Nobody else. Responsibility is hers," Musharraf said in the interview taped on Saturday morning.

Pakistan's government has said Bhutto died when she struck her head on a handle on her vehicle's sunroof -- a contention widely derided in Pakistan where many people suspect Musharraf's government of complicity. The government has also blamed al Qaeda for the attack.

Musharraf was asked by CBS, which provided excerpts of the interview, whether a gunshot could have caused Bhutto's head injury. He replied, "Yes, yes."

The questioner asked, "So she may have been shot?" and Musharraf said, "Yes, absolutely, yes. Possibility."

Bhutto's widower called on Saturday for a U.N. investigation of the killing.