Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cleaning up

Some call it "Art", I call it Bullshit. Way to go NBPD, keep up the good work!

City cracking down on vandalism
By Mitzie Stelte: Herald-Zeitung

Four juveniles were taken into custody by the New Braunfels Police Department Tuesday for allegedly vandalizing Panther Canyon in Landa Park.The offenders, who allegedly are responsible for some of the graffiti on the nature trail, were taken in for delinquent conduct and were released to juvenile authorities.

According to Det. Mike Penshorn, information from the public has been extremely instrumental in identifying those responsible.

Eleven juveniles have been taken in this month as part of an ongoing campaign against graffiti orchestrated by the NBPD. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern to the graffiti or any gang affiliations, said Penshorn.

In addition to the four juveniles apprehended for the vandalism at Panther Canyon, three others have been taken into custody for graffiti at Canyon Middle School, two in the Savannah Hills subdivision and two at the Comal Farms subdivision.