Monday, January 21, 2008

Britney says he's gone! Y'all!

But the moment was quickly gone as she invites two of the paps over for drinks and fun.

UPDATE! Maybe Not

From CeleBitchy

You’ve probably already seen the pictures of Britney’s period-stained crotch. (Extreme warning with that link, but at least she’s wearing underwear.) I was seriously considering publishing said photos, but everyone advised me against it and I decided to take a pass. It’s hard to tell if it’s a mistake or is deliberate. It’s at least partially her fault for not wearing pants or a longer skirt that would have covered enough to make it hard to notice.
Britney had two X17 photographers over her house in the wee hours of the morning this weekend, and lest you think she was giving them a personal tour of her room ‘o cat of nine tails, her friend Sam Lufti was there too. It was thought that she was trying to make it up to them, as one of the guys was arrested last week and spent the night in jail for a high speed pursuit involving Britney.

While Britney had the other photographers over her house her friend Sam showed them a restraining order she wanted to take out against Adnan, her knight with shining Canon. I was trying to figure out how she could have soured on the British snapper so quickly, and it seems like she stopped hanging out with Adnan once Lufti was back in the picture. People might attribute it to Britney learning that Adnan was selling her out for photos, but she hardly seems to mind and is rumored to call the paps herself. So it seems like Lufti told her that Adnan was bad news and/or Adnan gave her the line about how he needed some “time off” and she decided to make it seem like she was the one who broke it off.

Either way, a girl who lets the world see her crotch multiple times including when she’s on her period is no catch no matter how much money her photos are worth. All that’s left for Britney is to take a crap on the street.
Adnan speaks out on the restraining order on his company
FinalPixx’s blog and he said he was away at a family funeral all weekend and turned his phone off “out of respect for my family.” Maybe his wife finally put her foot down and/or he needed some time to get his head on straight after too much Britney. He also told TMZ that “everything is fine,” and Britney’s “been in the care of Sam.” Meanwhile Britney went to the dance studio again so at least she’s coping constructively with her supposed frustration.

OK! Magazine has a quote from the LAPD saying that no restraining order was filed, so it seems like it was Sam’s idea and that nothing came of it. Maybe Adnan will be back on the scene or maybe he decided it’s not worth the trouble to deal with Britney at this point.

Britney has brief moment of lucidity

BRITNEY SPEARS has dumped her British paparazzo lover ADNAN GHALIB - and got a restraining order on him, it was claimed last night.
She told pals the snapper, 35, was tipping off colleagues so they could sell exclusive photos of them.

The pop princess, 26, is now hanging out with other lensmen - and even invited two into her home for champagne and “fun”.
A source close to Britney said: “She thought Adnan was her knight in shining armour.

Pap ... Brit said Ghalib 'used' her
“He gained her trust by protecting her from photographers and being a friendly face in her darkest periods.

“But Britney now believes he was making money. She’s deeply upset and feels used.”
Last night Ghalib, from Birmingham, insisted he WAS still dating the star. The snapper said he had been in Santa Barbara for the past two days — and told celebrity news website

“Everything is, and was, fine.”

Friends and family tried to warn Britney when she began seeing Ghalib at Christmas.
The source said: “She wasn’t interested — she was seduced.
“If he was in it for the money, it’s very cruel. Britney is very vulnerable.”

Britney reportedly showed a copy of her restraining order paperwork to two snappers from Los Angeles agency X17.
They spent four hours at her home after she invited them in.

An X17 spokesman said: “Britney said, ‘Come with me, let's have fun.’ She opened a bottle of champagne and went on the patio to smoke cigarettes.

“Britney expressed disappointment and anger toward Adnan for being ‘set-up’ in photographs that Adnan and his agency have sold.”

On Saturday night, the star was seen driving in LA with other pals, one with a camera.
Britney’s split with Ghalib comes amid claims of a bizarre plot to kidnap him and demand millions of dollars in ransom from her.

A source claiming to be a family friend of Ghalib, said pals of the snapper boasted of the plan last week.

He said: “They believed that because of her mental state, she’d hand over the cash.”