Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another cockroach caught II

It must be cockroach day in our area. Another scumbag fleecing poor unsuspecting folks who were being kind-hearted.

Seguin man is eyed in funeral-funds scam
Roger Croteau: Express-News

A Seguin man is suspected of bilking area residents out of their money with a made-up story about needing to cover funeral expenses for a dead infant.

"It's really strange," Seguin police Detective Aaron Seidenberger said. "But if you think about it, people are generally softhearted. When it comes to children, people have deep pockets. He picked what is probably the most rotten scam I've heard of, but for sure, one that would get him some money."

Scott Teel, assistant manager at Goetz Funeral Home, said he started getting calls last week from people inquiring about money being raised for funeral expenses for a dead baby. He didn't know anything about it and assumed that people were calling the wrong funeral home.

Then on Friday, one caller said a man was at her door soliciting money. Later, another caller identified the man as Fidencio Magallanes Jr., 26. Some callers said the man showed them a photo of an infant while making his appeal.

"We knew right away it was a scam," Teel said. "It's about the most despicable thing a person could do, to try to capitalize on a tragedy like that."

Teel went to the Seguin Police Department, and officers picked up Magallanes late Friday. He was detained at the Police Department on a probation violation, police Lt. Juan San Miguel said.

He since has been released.

San Miguel said investigators are hoping someone who gave money to Magallanes will come forward.

"We just need one person to give us an affidavit," he said.

Magallanes was arrested several times between 2001 and 2007 on charges including burglary, theft, assault, evading arrest and possession of marijuana. He most recently was released from jail in October.