Thursday, January 24, 2008

Woo! my room is spinning!

Hello? Front desk? Yes?, I want to report that my room smells funny and I think I am getting high too. Oh don't worry? the room has been thoroughly cleaned? What about the white crystalline powder covering everything? Oh, make sure I brush that off, and don't get any on my fingers or touch my eyes, mouth, and nose. Wait, I touched it and put some to make tongue which has gone numb. Woo!

It must've been one of those motels with the "kitchenettes" my wife likes us to stay in when we travel.

Man busted for making meth at motel
Barry Davis: KENS 5 Eyewitness News

San Antonio police say two people arrested Wednesday afternoon are accused of cooking methamphetamine in their motel room. Officers were looking for the man because of a parole violation, but say the woman was also wanted for violating parole on drug charges.

When police found the man staying at the Motel 6 in the 9500 block of Interstate 35 north, officers say they found the couple cooking meth in a makeshift meth lab.
Both were immediately arrested. [ya think?]

Officers say meth labs create new issues for police, the San Antonio Fire Department's hazmat team and other motel guests.

"You're dealing with not only carcinogens, you're dealing with explosive atmospheres and things like that, so when you get in there, each individual lab can be a little different, but the basics of it are pretty much the same that you're looking for," said Lt. Douglas Berry, with the SAFD. "'Hey is this a flammable atmosphere? Do I need to be able to ventilate this area? Is this something that we're going to have required respiratory protection?

"We take all those precautions before anybody even goes anywhere near those types of labs, and these guys are working in these atmospheres without any type of this protection, so it's extremely dangerous not only to them, but the public as well," Berry said.

Officials say the danger comes in the toxic chemicals that linger in the air and in the motel room after the meth lab leaves.

In this case, the SAFD hazmat team was not called in, but apparently another environmental clean up crew will be, because the motel room will have to be thoroughly cleaned before it can be rented out to any other guests.