Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The angels weep

I hope they find the creep and he rots in jail, then Hell. Its crap like this that just wants to make me cry. A child, tossed out like some unwanted piece of garbage on the side of the road.

Baby boy's body found on side of Galveston road

GALVESTON — Police began a nationwide search Tuesday night for the father of a 3-month-old boy who matches the description of a body found Tuesday near a child's car seat on the side of a Galveston road.

Galveston police wanted to question Travis Mullis, 21, after the child's mother viewed a photo and identified the child as hers, Detective Jeremy Schwartz said.

The body, described as a blond, blue-eyed child wearing a disposable diaper, was discovered about 9 a.m., Galveston police Lt. Jorge Trevino said.
The body is the second in three months to be discovered on or near Galveston Island.

"One death is too many, and the fact that we've now had two in such a short time span is beyond comprehension," Galveston County District Attorney Kurt Sistrunk said.
Trevino said a couple hoping to view wildlife stumbled across the body.

"A couple was driving ... and saw what they thought was a doll," he said.
But something looked odd, and they stopped and discovered the body next to a child's car seat, he said.

Trevino said it appeared that the child may have been thrown from the car while sitting in the car seat. He said it was unlikely that the child could have somehow fallen out of the car without the driver knowing it.

An Alvin woman whose 3-month-old was last seen with Mullis between 6 and 6:30 a.m. Tuesday began phoning hospitals in the area, and a hospital contacted Galveston police, Trevino said.

Volunteer search organization Texas EquuSearch also called police with the same information about 15 minutes later, he said.