Sunday, January 13, 2008

Britney, Role Model

Man, what will I do when football season is over? Probably be posting a hundred times on Sunday. In the meantime thank God for Britney. Like jaybird at CeleBitchy says no matter how bad we may feel about ourselves we are better and less crazy than her.

's truth!

Maybe she started going crazy when she was pregnant with the spawn of K-Fed?

Thank God we have Britney Spears around, to help us feel better about ourselves. Worried you’re a little frazzled? Think you’re not a good mother? Afraid you’re losing your mind? Whatever it is you fear you’re bad at – never fear. Britney Spears is always worse. Maybe that’s part of the allure in following her – she’s a great boost to the self-esteem. And a constant reminder that no matter what you were, you can still fall from grace in a spectacular display of embarrassment.

It’s hard to tell with Britney if she’s actually lost her mind or is just courting attention. They’re both pretty chronic issues for her. Yesterday Britney either displayed one of her multiple personalities or was trying to get attention. Maybe one of her multiple personalities was trying to get attention. She decided it would be a really good idea to wear her wedding dress around all day. Yeah. Who doesn’t do that once in a while? I mean it really is a shame that you buy this beautiful dress (hers is hideous) and you only get to wear it for one day. And who wouldn’t want to don the attire in which you wed Kevin Federline? Because you’d always want to remember that special day.

Britney and most-likely-user-and-paparazzi boyfriend Adnan Ghalib went to a car dealership to upgrade his lease. He in one of his almost-as-douchey-as-K-Fed rocker t- shirts, she in a tasteful wedding dress.

Spears, 26, and Adnan Ghalib, 35, arrived at the Keyes Mercedes-Benz dealership in the San Fernando Valley on Friday afternoon, surrounded by the now-familiar pack of photographers that once contained Ghalib. The twist was the pop singer was wearing the same lacy, short dress from her 2004 wedding to Federline – her second walk down the aisle following her 55-hour marriage to Jason Alexander.

Spears’s own Mercedes was impounded last week after she abandoned it on the road when it blew a tire, but this trip to the dealer was for Ghalib, her constant companion since her meltdown. “They came in to get an estimate for a new car for him,” a sales associate says. “He drives a rental car now. … He was looking into the different lease and purchase options for sport cars.”

The Daily Mail has an incredibly unnecessarily long and detailed article about Britney and Adnan. According to them, the couple is seriously planning on getting married – once Adnan gets a divorce. And Britney converts to Islam, which she’d have to do to be accepted by Adnan’s family. Both of his parents are devout at attend Mosque everyday. Something tells me that Britney couldn’t care less about being accepted by Adnan’s family and definitely wouldn’t have the discipline to commit to a conversion. Plus I’m pretty sure that most religions frown on refusing to wear to wear a shirt when cops ask you to. They also say both that Adnan is only with Britney for the attention and money, and that he deeply loves her with all his heart and is committed to her. So I guess there’s no clear consensus on if he’s good or evil over at the Daily Mail’s office. It seems pretty clear to me that Britney will end up in some sort of lockup – whether hospital or jail – in the next month. I felt sympathy for her last week, but now it’s clear she has no intent on changing no matter how bad things get. So I guess we’re just waiting this out.