Friday, May 2, 2008

Please help these folks

The bureaucracy will not be denied.

You must pay homage to the bureaucracy.

CPS is well-intentioned and does a tremendous good but sometimes the system should make an allowance for a little flexibility when necessary for the children's interests.

Struggling family can't get help from state
Amanda Stanzilis: KENS 5 Eyewitness News

A family is being punished for doing the right thing in the wrong way.
Now, two parents and five children could be out on the streets in a matter of days.

Jose and Laticia Gallegos have two children of their own. But when Jose's niece was taken to jail, they took in her three children.
"We're both working, with five kids. It's hard," Laticia said.

The Gallegos' didn't realize how hard it was going to be. The bills piled up and the foreclosure letters started coming in.

"On May 5th, supposedly it's supposed to be foreclosed on if can't make a payment here and there, but they're working with me. They really are," Jose said.

The Gallegos asked the state for financial help to take care of the children, but they were denied. They were told just by taking his niece's three children, they did the right thing, in the wrong way.

"That's basically the answer I get. I didn't do it the right way. I should have let her abandon the kids, then go through the process," Jose said.

The state told them they should have let CPS take the kids. They would be put in the system, and then the Gallegos could apply for custody. Because they didn't do that, they can't get any state money.

"But I didn't have the manual. It wasn't something I was planning on," Jose said. "I didn't know my niece was going to get put in jail. But it happened, and I took them in."

Jose and his wife could be just days away from losing their home and the kids, and they don't know where to turn.

"I know God will provide, so I got that in front of me. I know something will happen. Something good, but as far as me coming up with an idea, I wouldn't know where to go right now," Jose said.
KENS 5 has tried repeatedly to get a hold of the state regarding this family's case, but they have not returned calls.