Wednesday, May 14, 2008

He did his job

I agree with this editorial in today's Express-News.

Its also raining today in San Antonio.

Two rare occurrences in one day. I agree with the Editorial Board of the Express-News and it rains in San Antonio.

I better buy a lottery ticket today!

Editorial: A prosecutor did his job: What's wrong with that?

The assaults on Johnny Sutton continue.

Sutton, the U.S. attorney in Central and West Texas, prosecuted the case against the two Border Patrol agents charged with shooting an alleged drug smuggler along the El Paso-Juarez border — Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean.

Ramos got 11 years, Compean 12.

That was more than a year ago, but the war on Sutton continues, and it continues for the most asinine reason of all: The man did his job.

The convictions led to a firestorm of controversy, sparked by the fierce debate over the illegal immigration debate, but our immigration policy was not on trial; the two agents were.
Ramos and Compean are serving time for shooting an unarmed man, destroying evidence and lying to federal investigators, and their champions conveniently forget that the verdict was based largely on the testimony of fellow Border Patrol agents.

And so the attacks on the man who did his job continue.

The latest episode is also one of the most absurd. A conservative group, Christians Reviving America's Values, is asking the Texas Bar Association to investigate the prosecutor for “misleading” the jury and the public about the subsequent arrest of the alleged drug smuggler, according to the Associated Press.

“This whole case stinks to high heaven... ” Don Swarthout, the president of the organization, said. “Why did Johnny Sutton's office twist the facts of this case and hide evidence simply to get a conviction?"

Like other critics, they are overlooking an important fact in the case: It was the judge who ruled that the information could prejudice the jury.

They also forget that justice cannot bow to the fury of a debate over any political issue, including illegal immigration.