Monday, May 26, 2008

Howdy! I was watching youtube and.......

Talk about being really really stupid.

Dumb Criminal” Posts Video Evidence On YouTube

Authorities in Leeds, England, have labeled a man the city’s “dumbest criminal” after he posted videos of himself engaging in antisocial activities on YouTube.

The city council there called the man, identified as 23-year-old Andrew Kellett, the city’s “dumbest criminal” after he put at least 80 videos on the Internet video-sharing site of people, including himself, breaking the law in many different ways, the daily mail, a newspaper there, reported in its May 21 edition.

It is reported that the incriminating videos include footage of people taking drugs, racing cars and taking off from a gas station with stolen fuel.

“Kellett must be in the running to be Leeds’ dumbest criminal. He has handed us the evidence against him on a plate,” said Les Carter, a member of Leeds City Council.

On May 20, Kellett was given an interim anti-social behavior order at Leeds Magistrates Court, forbidding him from posting further illegal behaviors on YouTube until his hearing in June.