Friday, December 7, 2007

Classic British understatement

What? Was Jake Gyllenhaal & Reese Witherspoon using the restroom again?

Oh, wait it was at the DUBLIN airport. Okay that explains a lot.

I'm just saying.

Passenger wees on plane

A RYANAIR flight was stopped just before take-off and taxied back to the terminal when a passenger stood up and urinated at the back of the plane.

The teenager and his friend, who were understood to have been in a group of up to five men, were arrested after the incident on the flight to Brussels.

The flight had been due to depart at 8.30am but later took off at 9.55am after the aircraft was cleaned.

A spokeswoman for the budget airline said the aircraft was being taxied to the runway when two passengers stood up.

“Despite requests from staff to sit down for safety reasons, the pair refused,” she said.

“One of the passengers ended up urinating at the back of the aircraft.

“The aircraft returned to its stand where they were arrested.

“Ryanair will be pressing charges.”

Gardai confirmed they were called to Dublin Airport at about 9.15am.

“Two men in their late teens were arrested under the Air Navigation and Transport Act,” said a force spokesman.

“The men were taken to Dublin Airport Garda Station and later released.

“A file is being prepared for the DPP in relation to the matter.”