Friday, December 21, 2007

the great American chocolate

From Law Blog:

Hershey’s is . . . real milk chocolate I love that Hershey barHershey’s is . . . that something special no matter where you areAnytime you want delicious chocolate there’s no need to go looking very farCause Hershey’s is, that great American, great American, chocolate bar.
Every night before bed, the Law Blog’s wife sings this jingle to our children. Believe it or not, it’s just about their favorite lullaby.

Little do our kids know that their beloved chocolate maker is being scrutinized by the Justice Department. The antitrust division is looking into pricing by Hershey’s and other chocolate companies (Mars, Nestle, etc.), which have been trying to offset the skyrocketing cost of milk.

Here’s the WSJ story.

The DOJ’s inquiry follows the opening of an investigation by Canadian regulators. All the companies said they are aware of the inquiry and would cooperate fully should the DOJ initiate an investigation.

Though the Bush administration has gotten a reputation for being soft on antitrust enforcement, it’s been vigilant in the area of price fixing, probing such industries as airline cargo and semiconductors.

In other chocolate news, Campbell agreed to sell Godiva to a Turkish food company for $850 million.

Now that the Hershey song is in your head, what’s your favorite jingle?

(Mine would be: N..E..S..T..L..E..S.., Nestles makes the very best Choc..o..late!)