Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'll drive off that bridge when I get there.

Did they float? Did the new VW's float like the old VW Beetles did? Of course it doesn't say whether any of the various models were the new VW Beetles.

Then there were the old jokes about how if Ted Kennedy had driven a VW at Chappaquiddick he'd be the president.

The color photo is from a real VW ad, the black and white one is the infamous national Lampoon VW ad.

Trucker Drives Off San Diego-Area Pier

NATIONAL CITY, Calif. (AP) - A trucker hauling a load of Volkswagen cars drove his cab and several cars into San Diego Bay after blacking out at a marine terminal, authorities said.
The unidentified driver suffered some kind of medical emergency and drove off a pier at the terminal Saturday afternoon, said fire department Capt. Sergio Mora.

Mora said the driver - believed to be in his 40s - regained consciousness underwater and swam about 13 feet to the surface, where dock workers helped him out of the water.
He was taken to a hospital in good condition.

The driver was bound for Los Angeles with his semitrailer load of 2008 Volkswagens of various models. Three of the VWs fell into the bay.