Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Daily Rant by Rosie is ok this time

Wow, I'd never thought I'd agree totally with something said or written by Rosie O'Donnell until now.

Rosie to Daughter: Teen Pregnancy 'Never a Good Idea'

Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy has hit home for Rosie O'Donnell. The former View co-host says her 10-year-old daughter Chelsea asked about the 16-year-old Spears's baby news. O'Donnell, 45, recounted the conversation in response to a question from a fan who wrote to her blog asking her "as a celeb & a mom," what Nickelodeon should do about Zoey 101.

O'Donnell says she talked to Chelsea about Britney Spears's younger sister and, as described in O'Donnell's blog-speak,

"Here's how it went," she says. "Mama u know the lady with the umbrella and no hair," Chelsea said. "Her sister is a teenager and she is having twin babies." (Actually, she only announced she was pregnant). "And what do u think about that Chels?" asked O'Donnell. "Teenagers can have babies?" her daughter asked.

"Yes they can, and it is never a good idea," she responded. "Y didn't she take pills that make u not have a baby?"

O'Donnell's response: "Hmmmmmm."