Monday, December 17, 2007

Careful, your roots are showing

Uhh, Tina? Because its against the law to enslave people?

You think?

Sabhnanis guilty on 12 counts in slave case

A jury Monday handed down a guilty verdict against the Muttontown couple accused of enslaving their two domestic workers, sending the courtroom into momentary chaos as one of them and one of their daughters fainted and the judge cleared the room.

The jury in U.S. District Court in Central Islip found the couple, Mahender Sabhnani, and his wife, Varsha, guilty on all 12 counts against them.Mahender Sabhnani looked stunned as the verdict was read. Daughter Pooja started crying.

Another daughter, Dakshina, collapsed backwards in her seat. Then Varsha Sabhnani, who had been crying with her head on her husband's chest, got up and leaned over to help her daughter.

At that point, Dakshina screamed, "Papa! Papa! Papa!" The judge immediately cleared the courtroom.Varsha Sabhnani then mumbled the name of one of her daughters, although it wasn't clear which one, then collapsed.

Her other daughter, Tina, yelled, "We didn't do anything to anybody. How could this happen to us?"

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