Thursday, December 13, 2007

The heavens weep, II

Another tragedy during the holiday season. This morning's radio broadcast indicated that both girls died in the hospital as doctors could not save them.

Two more innocent young lives sacrificed at the altar of madness and rage. They will never grow up, they will never know the joys of reaching high school graduation, their first love, their own children.
May God keep your souls in peace.

My eyes fill with tears as I write heart goes out to their family, my anger at their father. I hope he rots in Hell.

Dad shoots two girls

Michelle Mondo: Express-News

A father, enraged the mother of his children would not exit a house to talk to him, took his anger out on his daughters and shot them each once in the head then turned the gun on himself, police said.
The shooting occurred around 8:45 p.m. Wednesday in the 300 block of Wilkens Avenue on the South Side.

As police secured the scene, detectives arrived and neighbors gathered, the man's body lay dead on the front porch.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said the girls, ages 13 and 6, were in critical condition and fighting for life after being airlifted to an area hospital.
"I can't fathom why a father would do that to his children," McManus said.

The mother of the girls was at police headquarters after the shooting giving a statement.
The investigation was ongoing, but preliminary checks did not turn up any calls by police to the house previously.

Police wouldn't release the identity or age of the shooter, but family members at the scene said the man was Salvador Paralta, in his early 30s.

"He was mad she was leaving him," said Arcilia Oviedo, the grandmother of the two victims.

Oviedo said her daughter, Delia Ann Oviedo, was in the process of divorcing Paralta. Their two daughters, Natalie and Nazarin Paralta, both lived with Delia Ann.

McManus, once again not confirming any names, did say the couple were separated and the shooter was not living at the house.

But on this cold night, when Paralta walked up the steps to the porch, he was set on getting his estranged wife to come outside and talk, police said.

Threats were made and comments were exchanged between Oviedo, other relatives in the house and Paralta. He even put his oldest daughter, Natalie, in a headlock, witnesses told police.

He then took out a gun, pointed at each of his daughters and shot them once in the head.
As they lay bleeding on the porch, he turned the gun on himself, shot once in his own head, and died next to them.