Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Stay safe my Indonesian friends

Thank God it hasn't gone up like Krakatoa.

These volcanoes are of the type that can violently erupt.  Think Mt. St. Helens not the shield volcanoes of Hawaii.

Months are better.

Indonesian warns volcano 'could erupt for months'
Breitbart.com -

Indonesia warned Tuesday its most active volcano could continue erupting for months as 50,000 remained in temporary shelters and airlines cancelled flights over the disaster-hit nation. 

Searing grey fumes shot high into the sky and rolled down the slopes of the 2,914-metre (9616-foot) Mount Merapi six times after dawn, spreading fear and panic as the government issued an alert telling airlines to avoid the skies over central Java.

"It could go on for weeks, even months," government volcanologist Subandrio told AFP.

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