Thursday, November 18, 2010

Politics of personal religious destruction is reprehensible

Sorry but this is just reprehensible and beyond the pale.

There is NO place in Texas and American politics for this type of behavior and the pursuit of these tatics by some Christian right-wing conservatives is just plain wrong.

It tends to corroborate all of the fears that folks have about such groups.

You don't like Speaker Joe Straus' politics? Fine.  Proceed away but don't send out flyers and e-mails and calls to elect Christian Republicans and then disingenuously claim that it is just a word describing a right wing Republican and has nothing to do with Joe Straus' religion.

What if you said elect the white guy or black guy or brown guy?  Get real.

Straus, foes decry religious references
By Gary Scharrer and Peggy Fikac - Express-News

AUSTIN — The three members vying for the speaker's post in the Texas House denounced the injection of religion into the contest, criticizing outside activists calling for the selection of a conservative Christian over current Speaker Joe Straus, who is Jewish.

Straus' declared opponents are rejecting what they consider “deplorable personal attacks,” although it wasn't clear what influence they have over outside groups agitating for Republicans to dump Straus, R-San Antonio.

The calls to replace Straus, who is known as a moderate Republican and fiscal conservative, with a conservative Christian ricocheted around the Internet this week, and could spark an investigation into accusations of intimidation of House members.

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