Thursday, July 3, 2008

Show me the money!

It was raining rain and apparently money yesterday in Ol' San Antone.

Oh and good luck getting any of the money back. I doubt if folks will do that voluntarily.

Money doesn't buy his way out
By Michelle Mondo: Express-News

Motorists making a mad scramble for cash littering a busy freeway brought traffic to a standstill Wednesday after a suspect in drug dealing tossed a load of money — possibly a hundred grand — from a car window and onto Loop 410 East.

The windfall for afternoon commuters occurred while cops chased the driver as he threw a box of bills onto the highway near the U.S. 281 exit.

Drivers stopped their vehicles and began grasping for the money, which could total $100,000, San Antonio police Sgt. Gabe Trevino said.
“There was a cloud of cash. ... People were stuffing it into their pockets,” he said.

One officer at the scene said he even saw a school bus driver stop to snatch up the loot. The officer was unsure which school district the bus driver was from. He didn't have a chance to look because he, too, was trying to grab the loose cash to keep it in the hands of police.

Trevino said the money, which apparently belonged to the suspect, was in multiple denominations. The exact amount of the currency wasn't confirmed, he said.

The Drug Enforcement Administration, which participated in the pursuit along with the SAPD gang unit, informed police that anyone who keeps the money is in possession of evidence in a federal crime, Trevino said. Keeping the money is a violation of the law.

When the loose bills flew out the window and cars braked in the middle of the freeway, the gang unit sergeant called off its part of the chase to tend to the traffic problem, Trevino said. Some of the DEA agents continued the pursuit.

After 3:30 p.m., the money that was left on the freeway and had not been taken by passers-by was mostly cleared from the road and traffic was moving freely. Officers climbed down into a storm drain to pull out some of the money that appeared to have blown into it, Trevino said.
As officials worked to collect the cash and keep traffic flowing, the DEA agents caught the suspect, whose name was not released, after the car he was in collided with two other vehicles at Broadway and Wetmore Road.

Trevino said no one was injured in the collision.

Police were unsure how much money was recovered.