Thursday, July 31, 2008

Something to get ticked off about

I know I'd be ticked off.

I get all itchy just thinking about it.

Complaint as Italian ferry cabin infested with ticks
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ROME, July 29, 2008 (AFP) - An Italian woman is suing a ferry company after waking up in a first-class cabin "covered in ticks from head to toe", newspapers reported Tuesday. Cristina Sassudelli, 41, was making a night crossing at the weekend from the northern city of Genoa to the port of Olbia on the southern Italian island of Sardinia. "At six thirty in the morning I was wakened by the itching on one arm and I realised I was covered with ticks from head to toe," she said, according to accounts in several Italian dailies. "I have always had dogs and I saw immediately that these weren't any kind of insect. There were hundreds of them," she added.

Staff on the ferry, run by a company called La Tirrenia, took her infested clothes and gave her new ones that were far too big, she said. Once they had arrived at Olbia a member of the crew accompanied her to a shop where she was able to buy new clothes. But the company did not reimburse her for her first-class ticket, she said.

La Tirrenia told La Stampa newspaper: "This episode happened at a period of heavy traffic and hot, humid conditions. It is the first time, after many years of navigation, that it has happened." It added that the contaminated zone had been sealed off and was being disinfected. Sassudelli said she was taking action against the company to make sure no one else had to go through the same "nightmare." In recent years, there have been several cases of infections from ticks or fleas on Italian transport, particularly on trains.