Thursday, July 17, 2008

Have credit card will steal

Well, that's one way to make money I guess.

Glad they're caught. Now I hope they get tried and sentenced rather than just getting "deported back to Mexico" and being told not to return.

2 Mexicans arrested in credit card case

Two Mexican nationals are being held in the Hays County jail on $310,000 bond each after being charged in an international credit card scam.

“These two suspects have made at least five trips to San Marcos and Central Texas in recent months to buy merchandise with illegally manufactured credit cards and then take the goods back to Mexico to sell,” said San Marcos Police Department Commander Terry Nichols.

On July 10, a Michigan man called the Best Buy in San Marcos to report that his credit card had been used to make a fraudulent purchase there, Nichols said.

When the suspects returned to the store a day later, employees recognized them as they tried to buy more merchandise using different credit cards.

Hector Gomez, 37, of Guadalajara, and Gabriel Rivas, 31, of Mexico City, have been charged with three counts of credit card abuse and one count of theft under $100,000.

Investigators found the men had more than 50 credit cards in their possession.