Monday, July 21, 2008

Pull 'em up

Ha ha ha.

Call it walkin' PC (probable cause)

Expect a legal challenge by the ACLU (Attorneys Channeling Legal Umbrage)

It's the law: No sagging pants in Chicago suburb

LYNWOOD, Ill. (AP) - Be careful if you have saggy pants in the south Chicago suburb of Lynwood. Village leaders have passed an ordinance that would levy $25 fines against anyone showing three inches or more of their underwear in public.

Eugene Williams is the mayor of Lynwood. He says young men walk around town half-dressed, keeping major retailers and economic development away. He calls the new law a hot topic.

The American Civil Liberties Union says the ordinance targets young men of color.

Young adults in the village, like 21-year-old Joe Klomes, say the new law infringes on their personal style. He says leaders should instead spend money on making the area look nicer.