Saturday, July 5, 2008

Land of the free, but not to do certain things, so behave!

Mrs. Man o' Law had an interesting observation to make to me this morning.

Last night, down the street from us, one of our neighbors was out shooting off fireworks for the entertainment of his and the neighbor children.

What's wrong with this you say? Only that this county and city have banned fireworks due to the extreme drought situation. The city has always banned fireworks and the county had an absolute ban except for use in designated "safe zones".

We are in the city and we are certainly not in a county "safe zone".

What message are the children receiving? Its okay for them to do it but for no one else? They have money so they can do it? When they grow up will they follow the rules or make their own up?

Grump, grump, grump. You might say, but I say it was wrong.

What was also wrong was that I didn't call the police, so I was complicit in this behavior as well.

Mea culpa.