Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Intruder alert

Motto of story?

Don't break into people's homes at night.

Or anytime for that matter.

Homeowner shoots, injures intruder on Northwest Side
David Saleh Rauf: drauf@express-news.net

A 21-year-old man who police said broke into a Northwest Side residence late Monday night was critically wounded after the homeowner shot him once in the chest.

The man, who was not immediately identified, was taken to University Hospital, San Antonio Police Sgt. Dave Berrigan said.

Berrigan said officers responded about 9:30 p.m. to the Retreat at Ingram Hills subdivision in the 6500 block of Arrid Pass after receiving two emergency calls, one for a break-in and the other for a shooting. A woman who lives at the residence was home alone with her 18-month-old baby when she heard noises, Berrigan said.

The woman looked through the front door peephole and saw a man trying to break in, Berrigan said.

A few minutes later, after calling authorities, the woman heard sounds at the garage door, which was closed. She then called her husband, who arrived within minutes with a 9 mm pistol, Berrigan said.

The husband entered through a back door, which remained ajar, and the would-be intruder followed. The two had a brief altercation in the kitchen, and the homeowner told him to leave.
But instead, the intruder tried to “buck up against” the homeowner, Berrigan said, at which point he was shot in the chest.
“They picked the wrong house tonight,” Berrigan said.

Neighbors Sharon and George Carter said a man also tried to break into their house, which sits directly behind the home where the intruder was shot, minutes before the shooting. The couple heard “scuffles” at the living room window three times and then realized that a portion of their back fence had been knocked over.

“When I was picking the fence off the ground, I heard the shot,” said George Carter, 70.
The neighborhood, which residents said usually is quiet, was alarmed by the shooting.

“I’m not going to sleep tonight,” said Sharon Carter, 63.