Monday, July 7, 2008

BOLO sort of

Find the guy, see what he says and wait to see what the autopsy report finds.

Woman found dead; man fled home

Police are investigating the death Saturday of a woman after her boyfriend told neighbors to call EMS but then fled the scene wearing only a pair of shorts.

Police said the man was possibly injured, but they did not know how or if he was involved in his girlfriend's death.

Sgt. Brian Custard said EMS was called to a home in the 2000 block of Oakshire on Saturday just after 10 p.m. for a possible overdose. Upon arrival, they found the neighbor who made the call at the house, but the boyfriend was nowhere to be found.

The woman was found dead in the living room, but her body showed no signs of obvious trauma. Custard says it also appeared a possible fight had taken place inside the home but did not give details on that evidence.

He said neighbors told police the man who fled from the house was house-sitting for his mother, who was apparently out of town. Custard said they could not confirm if the man lived there, nor could they confirm the relationship between the man and the woman found dead, but Custard said numerous people told police the woman was the man's girlfriend.

Custard said the medical examiner will have to determine final cause of death and if the case is a homicide.

He said police did not know if the man fled on foot or if he took a car from the house. They did say he was wearing no shirt and no shoes and appeared to be bleeding because of a blood trail that was left on the neighbor's doorstep.