Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Moving too quickly?

Are we perhaps rushing this a bit?

I mean President Obama, look at how well your vetting process worked with other appointments and choices you made.

Lead, Sir, lead.

Orrin Hatch: White House may announce Supreme Court nominee this week

After talking to President Barack Obama on the phone today, Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch says he believes the White House will move swiftly on its Supreme Court nominee, perhaps making an announcement by the end of this week.

Obama made no timing commitments to the Utah Republican, but the senator, who has been in the middle of several pitched Supreme Court battles, said: “I’d be surprised if it went beyond this week. ... I would think by the end of this week or over the weekend, he’ll nominate somebody. I’m sure they’ve discussed this internally, back and forth for months now.”

White House spokesman Ben LaBolt declined to comment on the president's timeline, but a pick doesn't appear to be imminent.

No names were discussed during the Monday telephone call, but Hatch, a senior Republican on the Judiciary Committee, said Obama promised to get back to him and “will let me know who he thinks ought to be considered. ... Sure I’d like him to chat with me, because I think I could save him a lot of pain.”

Hatch raised concerns initially that Obama was using “buzz words” for a liberal activist justice by suggesting he wanted someone who had “empathy” for the country’s problems. But Obama told Hatch “that was not what he meant, and I take him at his word ... and that he assured me that he would not be picking a radical or an extremist for the court that he was very pragmatic in his approach and that he would pick somebody who would abide by the rule of law.”

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